What is Disability Pride Month?


What is Disability Pride Month? Well, devoted reader, we are so glad you asked. Every July, Disability Pride Month commemorates the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on July 26th, 1990. 

Every Person is Unique

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Just like every person with a disability is unique, every person’s understanding of disability pride is unique. For many, disability pride means embracing individuality, celebrating unique experiences, and valuing societal contributions of those with disabilities.    

Celebrating Disability Pride Month

Observing Disability Pride Month is intended to change the way society perceives disability, emphasizing the inherent value and dignity of all people. It also raises awareness of the pride felt within the disability community. Disability pride is critical to ending the stigmas around disability. 

What Disability Pride is Not

Despite its importance and the good intentions behind Disability Pride Month, it is often dismissed due to a few common misconceptions.

  • Disability Pride Month is not related to LGBTQ Pride Month. Although the name includes Pride and occurs during the month immediately after, Disability Pride Month has no correlation with LGBTQ Pride Month and is not trying to steal the spotlight. It is also not intended only to celebrate LGBTQ people with disabilities.
  • Disability pride does not mean someone loves every minute of having a disability or that every part of having a disability is easy. Disability pride highlights the strength, resilience, and achievements of the disability community, celebrates the work for change, and acknowledges the obstacles overcome.  

This Disability Pride Month, we hope you will take a moment to celebrate in your own way, whether that be through learning something new about disability, reading books by people with disabilities, or simply attending a Disability Pride Month event or taking a a tour of United Ability. 

For more information about Disability Pride Month or to suppprt United Ability, email David Barry or call (205) 944-3916.

(Nathan Watson / Bham Now)



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