Junior Board

The United Ability Junior Board is devised of young professionals (age 25-35 years old) in the Birmingham area who wish to further the mission of United Ability. The goals of the Junior Board are to create awareness of United Ability’s mission and programs, to provide and attract resources, to develop future leadership and to provide a positive and enjoyable opportunity for young adults to meet and interact in an environment that creates social benefit. Junior Board members are required to serve an initial 3 year term and may continue for an additional year up to 6 total years of service.

The Junior Board hosts two annual fundraisers that benefit United Ability. AbiliTEE Golf Classic, a night golf tournament, held in June, and Vino & Van Gogh, a wine and art show, held in August. The Junior Board accepts new members in the fall of each year, and members serve three year terms.

If you are interested in joining the United Ability Junior Board, please contact Lee Thrash at lthrash@unitedability.org or Alison Berman at aberman@unitedability.org.

2017 Junior Board Members and Officers:

Benjamin Teske, President
Jonathan Drannan, Vice President
Rebecca Hargraves, Secretary
Chris Biggins, AbiliTEE Golf Classic Co-Chair
Luke Kennedy, AbiliTEE Golf Classic Co-Chair
Will Leesburg, AbiliTEE Golf Classic Co-Chair
Melissa Hand, Vino and Van Gogh Co-Chair
Natasha Padan, Vino and Van Gogh Co-Chair

Alex Hufham
Alyssa McQuilling
Ann Blair Gribbin
Blake Thomas
Brian Johnson
Brittany Gordon Shaw
Grant Rafield

2016 Junior Board Members and Officers:

Isabelle Rohr
Jacqueline Shunnarah
Katelyn Asbury
Katie Bailey
Kayla Clay
Kyndle Huey
Leigh Russell
Meg McClenney
Randi McCoy
Ransom Kelly
Sara Beth Wilcox
Scott Forster
Van Trefethen

Anna Johnson – Associate Board Member