Junior Board

The United Ability Junior Board is comprised of young professionals (age 24-40 years old) in the Birmingham area who wish to support the mission of United Ability and grow the impact of the organization. Junior Board members plan and execute two fundraising events – the AbiliTEE Golf Classic and Vino and Van Gogh – each year which help raise funds to sustain programs that change the lives of children and adults with disabilities as well as their families.

Beyond planning events, a Junior Board member will learn about and connect to United Ability to spread awareness of the organization’s services and may be the one to bring hope to a family who was otherwise unaware of our resources.

The Junior Board accepts new full members in the fall of each year, but applicants throughout the year may be invited to join as an Associate Member until they can be offered full membership. Full members are expected to complete an initial term of 3 years and may choose to continue one year at a time up to 3 additional years.

If you are interested in joining the United Ability Junior Board, please contact Lee Thrash at lthrash@unitedability.org or Alison Berman at aberman@unitedability.org.

2018-2019 Junior Board Members and Officers:

Melissa Hand, President
Alyssa McQuilling, Vice President
Brooke Yarbrough, Secretary
Alex Hufham, AbiliTEE Golf Classic Co-Chair
Grant Rafield, AbiliTEE Golf Classic Co-Chair
Chris Biggins, Journey of Hope~Hope Endures Co-Chair

Allison Horton
Billy McMahon
Blake Thomas
Colin Winkler
Donna White
Garrett Powell

2016 Junior Board Members and Officers:

Jessy Catanzaro
John Hawkins
Jonathan Drannan
Matt Nelson
Meg McClenney
Meredith Fuller
Randi McCoy
Ransom Kelly
Rob Gray
Sara Thetford
Troup Cunningham
Van Trefethen