Ability Clinic

“As a source of hope and support to families, our Ability Clinic provides a new level of care to children and adults living with disabilities. Through innovative medical and therapy interventions, our team delivers a family-focused approach that is designed to enhance the caregiving capabilities of families and improve overall health and quality of life for those they love."

United Ability Disability Services

The Ability Clinic focuses on providing comprehensive and coordinated care that reduces the symptoms experienced by persons with disabilities. We understand families with loved ones who have special needs rely on experienced professionals to provide a wide range of disability services. United Ability is happy to provide a variety of different services that help those with a wide range of different disabilities.

Disability Services We Provide:

  • Evaluation and Assessment – Evaluation and assessment  involve various tests that help identify an individual’s specific strengths, needs, and disabilities. This is a “problem solving” process that helps our staff better address the care needs of our patients.
  • Spasticity Management – We offer a wide variety of treatment strategies to manage patient spasticity. We aim to improve range of motion, overall mobility, increase strength and conditioning, and improve general comfort levels in everyday activities.
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics – United Ability provides orthotics and prosthetics to our patients. We can size and fit the prosthetics to meet our patient’s mobility or care needs. Custom orthotics and prosthetics are available.
  • Outpatient Therapy – We provide numerous outpatient services including physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.
  • Physical – Physical therapy doesn’t just help with self-esteem and confidence, but it also helps our patients increase their strength and mobility allowing them to be more capable with functional tasks.
  • Occupational – Occupational therapy helps those recuperating from physical or mental illness. It encourages rehabilitation through the performance of activities. At United Ability, we use occupational therapy to help our patients better meet the demands of everyday life. We do this by helping our patients develop and improve the skills they need to both live and work.
  • Speech – We provide speech therapy to help those with disabilities better communicate with those around them. We provide speech therapy for a wide range of conditions including genetic syndromes, Cerebral Palsy, and those afflicted with oral motor concerns.
  • Augmentative Communication – Augmentative communication is a term that describes communication methods that supplement or replace writing. We provide the tools and the training to help our patients communicate with those around them.
  • Assistive Technology – From cognitive issues to physical impairment, assistive technology helps to augment, or bypass conditions brought on by a disability. Much like augmentative communication, we provide the tools and the training to ensure our patients achieve their goals.
  • Care Coordination – We strive to provide the highest care possible for our patients. As such, this may require us to offer care coordination between our organization and other professionals involved in our patient care. If care coordination is something you want for your special needs loved one, we are happy to help.


All patients are evaluated and afforded a broad range of clinics and services to meet the needs of infants, children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities. United Ability’s Medical and Outpatient Therapy Programs work collaboratively to address the unique challenges faced by individuals with these disorders.

Our Ability Clinic eliminates the fragmentation of medical and therapy services, establishes and provides seamless case management throughout the individual’s lifetime, facilitates ease of access to quality services and, most importantly, improves the overall health and quality of life for persons with disabilities. By providing this comprehensive continuum of care in a centralized location, families are able to spend less time pursuing services through multiple agencies and professionals.

For more information on the Ability Clinic and the services we provide, email Nicole Odrezin, Clinic Director, or call 205-944-3944. Please fax all medical forms and documents to 205-413-4914.