Ability Clinic Outpatient Therapy

United Ability’s Outpatient Clinic is located in the Ability Clinic on our campus in Birmingham. We believe in holistic care that centers on the child and family and provide parent training as an integral part of therapy sessions. Our multi-disciplinary team is specially trained in pediatrics and sees children from birth through 14 years.

Services we provide: comprehensive evaluations for infants and children up to age 14; multi-disciplinary seating clinic for wheelchair evaluations, fitting and training; upper and lower extremity orthotic evaluations, fabrication, fitting, adjustment and training; treadmill training; multiple sensory environment; adapted playground; adapted climbing wall; Handwriting Without Tears handwriting program; augmentative communication and assistive technology needs; intense OT protocols; Talk Tools

Physical therapy: developmental delays; cerebral palsy; limb deficiencies; traumatic brain injuries (TBI); spina bifida; genetic syndromes; arthrogryposis; general gross motor delays

Speech-Language Therapy: motor speech disorders; oral motor concerns; Autism Spectrum Disorder; language delays; cerebral palsy; developmental delays; genetic syndromes

Occupational Therapy: developmental delays; cerebral palsy; sensory integration disorders; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD); traumatic brain injuries (TBI); stroke; spinal cord injuries; arthrogryposis; fine motor delays; feeding problems; genetic syndromes; hand deformities and abnormalities; handwriting skills

For more information on our Outpatient Therapy program or to schedule an appointment, please call 205-944-3921 or email UAClinic@unitedability.org.