Lawrence “Larry” Rosen: The Ultimate Gift

For more than ten years, United Ability received a recurring monthly donation from Larry Rosen, of blessed memory. These gifts came quietly yet packed with love. Upon Larry’s passing, United Ability learned of a final ultimate gift: a bequest in Larry’s Last Will and Testament.

Larry Rosen was a scientist and possessed a logical, big-picture view of things. He was the older brother to Morty, with whom he held an extra special bond.

Morty had a keen interest in mathematics, especially the theory of infinite sets developed by Georg Cantor, as well his mastery of chess and passion for reading about history. Morty also navigated living with cerebral palsy.

Morty’s nephew, Niel, shared, “Although Uncle Morty was physically burdened by cerebral palsy, he bore his burden with extraordinary grace.” Niece Dorah, added, “Despite a speech impediment and difficulty writing or typing, Morty graduated from college and then moved back to The Bronx, New York, to care for his parents as they grew older. The hard times that Morty experienced made a big impression on our father, Larry, who became motivated to support people living with cerebral palsy and other challenges.”

Larry Rosen first began supporting United Ability more than 30 years ago. His occasional gifts later became an avenue of monthly support. When Larry wrote his Will in 2009, he included United Ability, then UCP of Greater Birmingham, in it. According to Dorah, his daughter, “Dad wanted the people of today to be able to access the new treatments, regardless of their race, location, income, or other factors.”.

Larry felt that “life can be so much better” for individuals living with challenges. At United Ability, we are grateful to Larry for recognizing our work to help individuals live life to its fullest and for supporting our vision of a world where disability is neither defining nor limiting.

If you would like to make a recurring monthly or quarterly gift to help children and adults access life-spectrum programming or discuss how a planned gift to United Ability can align with your legacy and family goals, please contact Charlotte Russ at 205.944.3907 or


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