Untied Ability volunteer and man in wheelchair

A Bright and Shining Star

Untied Ability volunteer and man in wheelchair

Jercolbie Bradford loves to be the star, and at United Ability, he is one! Not only is he extremely talkative, but he has a contagious smile and welcoming attitude that makes him extremely approachable. “Jercolbie comes in with a joyful spirit every day. If you’re feeling down, Jercolbie is the one that will brighten your day”, says his occupational therapist and friend, Minnie England. “He doesn’t let his disability put him in a box. It’s unlimited, the things he can do.”

In addition to having an incredible attitude and a witty sense of humor, Jercolbie has played an active role in helping develop a few of United Ability’s programs. He was responsible for organizing United Ability’s show choir which has performed for Governor Kay Ivey and at local nursing homes, as well as events at LINCPoint such as the Veteran’s Day Celebration (pictured right) and the upcoming Thanksgiving show. “I started the choir because I wanted to lift people’s spirits,” said Jercolbie, “I always want to stay positive and keep everyone’s spirits up. I don’t like to see people down or gloomy”.

Not only does he make an impact through the show choir, he also enjoys working at Gone for Good, United Ability’s secure document shredding business that employs adults with disabilities. He loves getting a paycheck even more! Jercolbie explained, “One of the great things about United Ability is that they teach us about everyday living. They help people achieve their goals, and that makes us better for life.”

Jercolbie’s aptitude to be joyful and ambitious shows that there is achievement in ability. He has made lasting impressions not only on his peers and friends, but also on the staff that has worked with him over the past 24 years as he continues through the life spectrum here at United Ability.

by Madison Matthews, Marketing and Development Intern (Fall)

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