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Ask the Expert: ONE Chance to Make a First Impression

Ask the expert

Whether attending a job fair or preparing for a job interview, most of us get nervous about making that all-important first impression. United Ability Employment Specialists coach our clients to not only make sure they are prepared but also to ensure they feel confident to land the opportunity. Some of their sage advice is shared below:

Do your research: It is helpful to look up information about the company you are interviewing with so you know more about the company and so you can ask questions that pertain to the company. It also shows the interviewer that you are interested enough in the position to do your homework.

Dress the part: Make sure to dress appropriately for the job you are interviewing for, and that your clothes are ironed and have no stains or tears.

Grooming: Good appearance is important. It shows the interviewer you take the interview seriously and care about how you present yourself.

Body language: During an interview, body language is very important. Make sure to sit up straight and do not fold your arms.

Listen: It is important to listen to the interviewer so you know exactly what they are asking and to keep you from asking about something already shared.

Use positive language: When answering questions, never use negative language about previous positions, co-workers, or supervisors. This would be a red flag to the person interviewing you.

Rehearse: It is always a good idea to rehearse your answers to basic interview questions with someone you trust so you can get honest feedback.

Answer the question concisely: When answering the question keep your answer short, to the point and professional.

Ask questions: Remember you are interviewing them also. You want to make sure this is a company you want to work for and a job you want to do. Be prepared to ask a minimum of 3 questions, but make sure not to ask about the salary during the interview.

Send a proper thank you: This is a critical step many forget. Thank the person in writing for the opportunity to interview with them, for their time, and express your genuine interest in the position. In today’s multi-media era, a hand written note goes a long way.

By implementing these simple steps, we have seen many of our clients find success. Regardless of the type of position you are seeking, our Employment Specialists and Job Coaches are here to help you from start to finish. Finding a job takes time, effort, and patience. However, finding a job that is right for you – and a good match for the employer —  makes every step meaningful and worthwhile.


Last year, United Ability worked with more than 250 adults living with disabilities, helping them in their journey toward employment. For more information on this program, contact Stacey Miller, Employment Services Manager, at or 205.943.5236.

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