“Don’t Give Up On Her” – Gabby’s Story

Story by Mary Coston Bell/ United Ability Early Intervention Therapist

Don’t give up on her

Gabby was born on June 12, 2019, weighing nine pounds, fifteen ounces, and measuring twenty-one inches long. Gabby’s mother, Stephanie, experienced a relatively normal pregnancy with no major complications and scheduled an induction after Gabby reached 40 weeks gestation. Stephanie and her husband could not wait any longer to meet the baby girl they had been waiting for five years!

She’s Alive Gabby in the NICU

Stephanie went into labor at 6 am, and later that day, Gabby was delivered by emergency cesarean. The umbilical cord had wrapped around her neck twice, and Stephanie frantically tried to make sense of what was happening – “she’s alive” is all her doctor could tell her about Gabby. The operating room was eerily quiet as doctors worked to save Gabby’s life. Gabby was revived twice within just a few minutes of her birth. “Don’t give up on her,” one doctor heard from God.

After three weeks on a ventilator and five weeks in the NICU, Gabby went home.

Don’t Give Up On Her

Her Early Intervention journey began when her therapist Mary met Gabby and Stephanie several weeks after she had come home from the hospital. When Mary walked in the front door, Stephanie looked at her with the most incredible eagerness and determination.

Hard Works Pays Off

Stephanie worked tirelessly during and between each of their appointments to assist Gabby in achieving milestones. Gabby pushed up on her arms. She tracked objects with her eyes. She reached. She smiled. She rolled. She sat. She giggled. She cried. She ate. She pulled up. She walked. She signed.

The Work Never Stops

Although it has been many months since Mary has seen Gabby in person because of the global pandemic, she looks forward to their teleintervention appointments because she knows Gabby will have tackled a new skill, and she will be on to the next goal.

Because of Stephanie’s unwavering resolve and belief in Early Intervention’s effectiveness, she has forever changed her daughter’s life.

Early Intervention Changes Lives

Gabby standing in her living room after therapy. Stephanie recently used the words “lifesaver,” “peace,” and “understanding” to describe how Early Intervention at United Ability has impacted her life.  And with tears in her eyes, she said Gabby is her “dream come true.”

Yes, Gabby. You are a dream come true. And we will never give up on you.

United Ability’s Hand In Hand Early Intervention Program is a service for infants and toddlers with delays in development, diagnosed disabilities, or children at risk for a developmental delay during the first three years of life. Our program offers quality services and interventions that facilitate growth and development and allows children and families more independence within their community. All services are provided at no cost to the family. Click here or call 205-944-3900 for more information.




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