Chase Has A Bright Future

We commonly ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  We get excited answers about being firefighters, teachers, construction workers, and nurses.  But, imagine growing up for the first 12 years of your life without a dream or a future.  Imagine growing up without someone telling you that you can do anything.

His Journey Began in China

This was Chase’s life until recently. Chase was adopted from China by Adam and Miranda Lovell and brought “home” to Birmingham in January.  In China, individuals with cerebral palsy have limited educational, therapeutic, and vocational opportunities.  To prepare to meet Chase’s needs, the Lovells collaborated with United Ability’s team of therapists before bringing him home. 

Outpatient Therapy is a Team Effort

Today, Chase’s future is bright, as bright as his smile. Chase receives speech-language therapy at the United Ability Outpatient Clinic, has a brand new communication device to bridge the gap with his verbal speech, and is quickly learning English.  He also receives occupational therapy to address his oral motor needs for eating and physical therapy to improve mobility.

Dr. Charlie Law, Chief Medical Officer, coordinates all of Chase’s outpatient services in our Ability Clinic, and our therapists collaborate to give him the best outcome. It is the team approach that makes United Ability the place where gifts grow.

Chase is excited about his future. He knows that along with his new family; he has the support to make ALL his dreams come true.

United Ability is Like Family

“We could not be more pleased with the care Chase receives at United Ability! From day one, his team of therapists has truly welcomed us in as ‘family.’ They not only bring extensive knowledge to the table, but they listen, ask questions, and brainstorm with us to provide the best treatment for our son,” said Miranda. She went on to say, “It truly is a team approach, and we are so impressed and grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead!”

The Lovells know that the more therapy Chase receives now, the more independent he will become in life. As for dreaming new dreams—Chase has a goal of finding employment through United Ability’s Employment Services when he is old enough. Chase and his family

The future now is bright for Chase.  Things he never dreamed of— a home, a family, friends, education, and the dream of adulthood with a job he loves are his for the taking.


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