My Dream Job

BRIXX Woodfire Pizza in Patton Creek is not just a restaurant where you’ll find delicious pizzas and salads.  They are making a true difference in the lives of people with disabilities by providing meaningful employment opportunities.

Terrance Coleman takes his job of stripping fresh herbs from their stems very seriously and so does the management and his fellow employees at BRIXX pizza.  Originally hired to roll silverware, Terrance now helps strip herbs and shred chicken for their pizzas and salads. According to Brixx Manager Justin Allgood, “Terrance has impressed everyone with his work ethic and attitude. He always shows up early for his shifts. He never stops working while he is here. He has a great personality and is fun to be around.”

Justin also adds the impact Terrance has on morale, “We like to create a culture of compassion and inclusion here at Brixx and Terrance has helped us promote that culture to our employees. Our employees like working for a place that gives back in these small ways.”

The managers and staff truly embraced Terrance and found creative ways to help him accomplish his jobs.  Terrance loves being part of the team and is committed to doing his best work.

Terrance’s job coach, Andrea Sledge of United Ability, commends the restaurant, “Number 1, they gave him a chance. Before he started they thought of a wide variety of possible jobs for him. They came up with creative adaptations to help him complete his work. They absolutely make him feel like a true member of their team.”

Prior to his job at Brixx, Terrance received job training at United Ability and at Workshops, Inc. Last year our Supported Employment Program helped 265 adults with disabilities find or maintain MEANINGFUL employment. Can you help make a difference by providing employment opportunities for adults with disabilities?  Or are you or someone you care about interested in talking to one of our job coaches at United Ability’s Supported Employment program? Please contact Stacey Miller, Director of Employment Services at 205-943-5236 or


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