LINCPoint Adult Day Program Celebrates 4th of July with Games & Dancing

Participants from our LINCPoint Adult Day Program celebrated the 4th of July with a day full of fun games and line dancing. Each of our participants sported flag t-shirts they made with local artist Bunni Miller in preparation for the celebration and we had a great group of volunteers from UAB help out during the day.

This year we added a Pickleball Tournament to our celebration. One of our LINCPoint classroom teachers learned about Pickleball, which combines tennis, badminton and ping-pong, and taught the rest of our staff and Day Program participants. To help build excitement for the tournament, everyone spent the week practicing and learning how to play the game.

United Ability’s LINCPoint Day Program serves 164 adults with disabilities each day, Monday through Friday. Our goal is to make every day be the best day they’ve ever had. As part of this goal, we teach our adult participants the importance of being active and leading a healthy lifestyle. By bringing in new activities such as Pickleball and Line Dancing, our participants get exercise while having fun and socializing with their friends. We finished off our celebration with sugar free popsicles to continue with the education of staying healthy!

Interested in learning more about our LINCPoint Adult Day Program? Click here.

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